Discipline is next to godliness

Some good writing habits, according to my grad program:

  • writing at night or very early in the morning
  • usually there are only very specific circumstances where you can write (if you write the same at a café, the library, your laptop, at home, a notepad, something is probably going wrong). I personally struggle to write if I’m away from my PC and/or outside of my own space.
  • random rituals with writing: some people have lucky charms, some people smoke, some people change clothes, whatever. There’s usually something. (I need to have something to drink! Usually orange juice mixed with Mountain Dew. Shh.)
  • Trying to slog through it is, well, a slog. Successful writers usually get up, wander over to the fridge or go for a walk or something, come back–don’t judge yourself if you struggle to “just write,” that’s normal! (In my psychology of creativity course, we talked about something similar: doing something that you have to think about, but not think hard about, is when bursts of inspiration come: showering, doing the dishes, stuff like that. Letting your mind wander is an important part of creativity.)

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