@manicpixiedreamwyn asked (long ago):

What is your main character’s favorite story?

Arceptra doesn’t really believe it—she’s agnostic leaning atheist—but she’s always loved the story of how Leiowyn, queen of the gods, forged the sun into existence with her giant hammer, and the lesser gods used her scraps to make the moon, earth, and stars.

Okay, it’s questionable as to which one of the four major characters is the “real” star. They each star in their own stories, but Arceptra’s and Giva’s stories are so intertwined that even in the current one, it’s a bit fuzzy. Giva’s the POV character and central consciousness, and the title refers to her, so it should probably be her. However, the only stories she cares about have become retroactively horrifying, so…


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