Giva and Ormod are probably the healthiest pair of siblings I’ve written, which is probably also the reason they’re separated so early. (Spoiler, I guess?) They’re simply a normal brother-sister pair placed under extraordinary circumstances.

Of course, that’s Giva’s shtick, really. She’s not an ~everyman~ since she’s basically a grumpy cat in the body of a thirteen-year-old minor noble, but a lot of her life revolves around being “the normal one.”

In her birth family, for instance, she was the good child–not beautiful and gracious like her sister Bletsung, not erratic and cheerfully irresponsible like her brother Ormod, but rather dutiful and disciplined, bright in an observant, painstaking sort of way rather than brilliant, attractive and scrupulously correct rather than charming.

She has pleasant, normal relationships with her siblings, and her stepmother, and her father. Nothing really dysfunctional or w/e. Then she’s sucked into a frankly bizarre circumstance on multiple levels–because she’s exposed as a witch (i.e., mage). She ends up being enclosed with this group of other underage mages who are shut away because of Specialness–either they’re political refugees of a kind, or have some incredible gift, or both, or something else.

Giva herself, however, is only there because of circumstances entirely out of her control that have virtually nothing to do with any qualities of her own, beyond the simple fact that she has magic. It’s not that she has any political significance whatsoever where she is. It’s not that she’s magically super powerful; she’s on the upper end of normal and she’s in a place where literally everyone is a mage. It’s not even related to her particular gifts, which are not especially rare (they’re a bit uncommon to have as one’s strongest gifts, but common in themselves, and she is just not that powerful). She’s there because she was involved in something that she didn’t actually cause to happen and doesn’t really understand.

So, while she’s a foreigner and has her distinct personality, she’s kind of this normal person with a normal-ish background and relationships. Ormod’s role was mostly just to be Giva’s very ordinary older brother whom she misses, a sort of personification of the life she lost.

(Giva’s comfort with Arceptra partially springing from her–A’s–similarity to Ormod was an unexpected development =D)


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