It’s kind of amusing in a horrible way.

My best friend and I are writing stories with completely different premises. His involves a space whale and the last struggling dregs of humanity. Mine is a secondary world fantasy revolving around an expedition beset by disaster, which ultimately lays the groundwork for the formation of a powerful nation-state and monarchy.

But really they’re about failures of leadership.

If established authority proves inadequate in a moment of desperate need, what then? As a charismatic subordinate, is it right to take charge? Is there courage in following such a person, or just a sheep-like repetition of the same cycle? To what extent is it good leadership to set aside personal qualms for the sake of your people? Is it really moral to place subjective values above the clear welfare of those you lead?

In the moment of crisis, what do you do?

*looks at the news* *looks at the world*



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