Chapter 7, update #4: I triumph!

Every god in the universe be praised, I finally finished Ch 7 (aka “the bath of mutual hatred”).

I’m going to have to pare it down–right now it’s 30 pages, about 20 of them a sort of unbroken take of 1) the leads walking to a public bath, and 2) the leads bathing. It’s certainly the longest chapter yet.

That said, it’s the first chapter of the novel where my outline for the chapter actually all ended up fitting into the planned chapter. I think it might be my first in anything, actually.

Also, the end is super schmaltzy too, even cut down, but I don’t care. The POV is a sweet if very tightly-wound thirteen-year-old girl. Occasionally she’s going to be schmaltzy.

I’m particularly gleeful about finishing this one because it marks the halfway point in the novel. PROGRESS.


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