Your regularly scheduled attack of paranoia

The damn Starks lurked me back to Game of Thrones, and as I was watching the Daenerys scenes, I suddenly had the horrible thought that it might seem Arceptra was ripped off from her.

I mean:

– Magic immunity to fire

– Association with dragons

– Heiress of a former, much more firmly established, inbred dynasty

– Small with startling eyes

In fact, Arceptra was ripped off from something completely different. 

Specifically, an SNES game from over twenty years ago, which I imprinted on at age seven and promptly reimagined with my own stories. Of course she’s drifted considerably from there. So naturally there are significant differences:

– Arceptra is a pyromancer of the classic lights-flames-on-her-hands variety; the immunity to fire is a Required Secondary Power.

– Lhûn dragons are really a subject for another post, but the short version is that, while they’re Standard Edition Dragons in most respects, they are fiercely independent and rational beings with their own history, culture, politics, and struggles, the worst of which is relentless overpopulation.

– The Cordells are … not Targaryens. They are really, really not Targaryens. They’re generally stable, there’s no incest beyond cousin marriage, their glamour comes via their descent from a religious martyr rather than a conqueror, the distinctive family gift is clairvoyance, and the last Cordell queen abdicated of her own will and was succeeded by her chosen heir. Her descendants remain powerful and respected, in close alliance with the current dynasty, and the attempts to restore them to the monarchy has very little support from the Cordells themselves.

– The Cordells typically have brown skin, very dark brown hair—nearly black—and bright blue eyes.

It does feel a bit like the lady-doth-protest-too-much, even though I myself know Arceptra has been with me for far longer than I’ve had any idea of GRRM’s existence. :\