“It is not nothing,” I said firmly. “It is a kindness, one of many, and that—” My tongue tripped not over words, but the absence of them, the chasms of feeling in my schoolroom Elentian. “That carries significance for me.”


Her hands stilled. She didn’t smile, as she so often did, but something still softened her whole face.


“You’re welcome, then,” she said.

When I was burning out in the last phases of my MA program, I really had no capacity left for writing. My dear friend Juliana suggested making an aesthetic post for the novel instead. I considered a general one, but in the end decided to focus on the two protagonists, Giva Rohondyl and Arceptra Cordell—and heartily enjoyed it!


– “Giva” is Rachel Hurd-Wood in Perfume (Hurd-Wood is twenty-five to Giva’s thirteen, but was fifteen at the time of the film)

– “Arceptra” is a photograph by Felix Heru Hermawan, which I ran over years ago and immediately thought (apart from eye colour) the perfect Arceptra.



Lady Arceptra, a witch, and Miss Rohondyl, her companion

characters © @isabelpsaroslunnen; art © me

This is really magnificent. It fuses the robe and gown influences pretty much just like I imagined, and I love that–well, you can see they’re getting their clothes from the same place while having completely polarized tastes, haha. Also Giva’s side-eye and Arceptra’s tiny sparkliness! And I really like Arceptra’s coiffure–extravagant but not ridiculous 😀

I never really thought of how Giva’s sleeves would work, but … while I initially was mostly “!!!!!!” at Arceptra’s gorgeousness, I really love what you did with Giva’s. Both prim and down-to-earth, which is exactly her 🙂