queens regnant, part i

(from the “fan” mix)

I. All Creatures of Our God Goddess and King Queen

  • Leiowyn, the Great Goddess, All-Mother, Queen of Heaven, the Lady.

Leiowyn is, in Elentian belief, chief over all other gods. Goddess of the sun, war, smiths, and motherhood, she is worshipped by Elentians as the creator of all life and Queen of the Gods.

II. My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord Lady

  • Jynata the Speaker.

According to Elentian legend, in the harsh early days of magic, mages were mercilessly persecuted everywhere. Leiowyn, in her great beneficence, sent messengers to lead all the world’s mages to a safe haven, but only Jynata could hear them or speak to them. She listened and led her people after the demi-gods, to the safety of an island in the distant north: Elentium.

III. King Queen of Faeries

  • Llaída, Queen of the Dryads.

She ruled over the dryads of Ishtanan, who were being hunted and slaughtered when the Elentian expeditions arrived. A new human incursion could have meant the destruction of the dryads; instead, Llaída greeted the mages as kin, formed an alliance with them on the condition that the wood be left inviolate, and helped them defeat their common enemies. Though long dead, she is still honoured by dryad and Elentian alike.

IV. Enterprising Young Men Women

  • Queen Maira I, first Queen of Marelia.

Maira was a member of the Elentian expedition to Lakhassa–a mere gardener, as the story goes. When disaster struck, she used her gift of fire to lead the expedition through ice and ash. Afterwards, as they fled from the southerners who hunted and attacked them as witches, Maira convinced her people to stand and fight, arranged an alliance with the dryads, and orchestrated the strategy for their victory. By popular acclaim, she became leader of the new territory, named Marelia (then Mairelya) in her honour. The Elentian government confirmed Marelia as an official principality and Maira as princess regnant/queen.

V. Rise a Knight

  • Imperatrix Zarecia, first Empress of the Elentians.

Returning to Elentium from the struggling principalities, Zarecia–most brilliant and ruthless member of the notoriously ambitious House Moiradar–insisted that they would almost certainly be lost without military support, and worked with other captains to raise and field an effective army. This not only relieved many of the crises in the principalities, but provided a clear central authority. Soon the army ruled in all but name, and when the oligarchs feebly (and belatedly) tried to have her removed, Zarecia took formal control of the army, deposed the oligarchs, and ruled as supreme military commander for the rest of her long life.

VI. King Queen and Country

  • Empress Helaina

After an untrained child triggered dramatic natural disasters along the border with Ileranth, Helaina bypassed the imperial bureaucracy and ordered the construction of an academy on the ruins of the abandoned High Temple of the Elements. There, all masters (alayr) and apprentices (ithalyr) were to take up residence and train every single child on the island, as well as the rebellious priesthood; further protest would be considered treason. 

Ultimately, Helaina consigned her own ancestral palace to the Collegium, and built others throughout the empire, until she could order every Elentian child trained and educated. She did so, and then enshrined it in a code of law to be applied throughout the entire empire. Borrowing from her ancestress’ example, she sent her army through the empire to enforce the Helainic code.

VII. Strength of a Thousand Men Women

  • Queen Cordela the Great of Marelia, also called Cordela the Mighty, Cordela the Wise, Cordela the Magnificent, and Cordela the Foresighted.

Cordela, distant heiress to Maira, was a seeress, one of several classes of mage despised throughout Elentian society, which she kept secret for many years. As queen, she used her gift to protect Marelia, crushing attempted invasions, preparing for poor harvests, and so forth. But her visions soon turned from ordinary political matters to the escape of Zeraphel, Leiowyn’s all-devouring opposite, from the confinement of millennia.

A direct conflict between Zeraphel and Leiowyn would likely destroy the entire world, so they instead diffused their power across mortals. Cordela, as vessel for the Aspect of Might, led the fight against Zeraphel’s armies, a role for which she prepared long before it occurred. She was the first to accept the prophetess Arya, a supposed Moiradar descendant and definite vessel for the Aspect of Light, who married Cordela’s son Cordelain. Cordela was so beloved that the hatred of seers died with her and House Alaiyath renamed itself House Cordell.

VIII. All the King’s Queen’s Horses

  • Queen Jaelain the Unifier of Deria

Jaelain Daírael, a younger contemporary of Cordela, was the daughter of a tragic love affair between a man of the Raelani and a woman of the Daí. The Raelani and Daí were among Deria’s major warring houses, though not quite as adversarial to each other as to the third and strongest faction, the Soiral. 

The Soiral, misinterpreting the marriage as an alliance between their enemies, ordered the lovers assassinated. In consequence, the mutually grieved and outraged Daí and Raelani began to seriously consider such an alliance. The Soiral (predictably) led a brutal attack on the weaker Raelani in response, and ten-year-old Jaelain fled into the nearby Ishtanan Forest. 

Raelani men had a certain reputation with regard to the dryads, the latter apparently true in the case of Jaelain’s family. The dryads accepted her as kin and spirited her into Marelia, where she was welcomed by Queen Cordela. Backed by Marelian acknowledgment/covert military aid, the support of the dryads, and a now firm alliance between her two peoples, Jaelain defeated the Soiral and united Deria under her banner–in time for for the real war against Zeraphel.


A mix for the major figures in Elentian history, prompted by @crocordile.

I chose songs (mostly instrumental) that refer specifically to male figures, and applied them to the inverted society of Aresse.